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Get Connected to MyCompass

Get Connected to MyCompass

In partnership with the Cerner Corporation, Fort HealthCare clinicians can now view your medical history as a comprehensive electronic health record across all Fort HealthCare locations.

Fort HealthCare’s MyCompass on-line health information portal uses the Cerner electronic health record to offer you quick and easy access to much of your health record’s most critical information.  With MyCompass, you can access your medical history and test results, review information specific to your medical care, and manage appointments. MyCompass is also the newest way to communicate with your doctors and clinicians across Fort HealthCare via secure email messaging.  And best of all, with your password, MyCompass allows you to access your most important health information – easily, immediately and accurately- from any computer or mobile device,

What is Cerner Health? Cerner Health is a personal health record that provides you with a secure way to collect, manage, and share your health-related information. Cerner Health allows you to share your health information with family members, doctors, other members of your care team, as well as a growing number of health, wellness, and condition management programs. It’s your information – you control who has access and you can modify that access at any time. Cerner Health provides a collaborative environment to help you manage your health and the health of your family.

We work closely with Cerner Health to ensure your information is secure and easily accessed when needed.  Below is a description of the necessary steps to create a Cerner Health account for yourself and how to attach additional accounts of those you care for to your Cerner Health account. The Cerner Health account acts as the central location where you can manage your own health information and that of your family. Cerner Health accounts must be created for each individual desiring a MyCompass account.

Getting Connected to MyCompass and Cerner Health

Thank you for visiting a Fort HealthCare location and requesting access to the MyCompass Patient Portal. After you receive your 4-digit PIN, an email invitation will be sent to the address you provided. The email invitation will guide you through the sign up steps, both for a Cerner Health account (which needs to be completed first), and a MyCompass account. Invitations to establish a MyCompass account can be sent to one email address or to different email addresses.

Each individual family member will require a unique four digit PIN code for their personal MyCompass account. A separate email invitation is sent for each account requested. One parent can use a single email address to receive invitations for minor children (under age 18). For example, if three family members all want to sign up for MyCompass, three separate PINs will be assigned, and three separate email invitations will be sent. Each email invitation is matched with only one PIN.

However, two adults cannot use the same email address, as the email address becomes the user name in the registration process. Secondary email addresses can easily be created via Google Mail or through your account with your Internet provider.

All family members should complete registration within 90 days of receiving the email invitation as the signup link will expire if not activated within that timeframe.

You will have an opportunity to create personal usernames for each account through the sign-up process. All family members should complete registration within 90 days of receiving the email invitation as the signup link will expire if not activated within that timeframe. If you have questions about Cerner Health or MyCompass, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please follow these instructions carefully to complete the MyCompass signup process.

Step 1:  Open the EMAIL Invitation and Create Your Cerner Health Account

Click on the link provided to begin the registration process.  To join Fort HealthCare’s MyCompass you must first create a Cerner Health account.  The email invitation walks you through this activity.  If you are the person with primary responsibility for managing the healthcare of your loved ones, establish your Cerner Health account first. Family members can choose to share accounts, where viewing and messaging options are possible.

If you already have a Cerner Health account, you will be prompted to sign in and then be taken directly to a screen where you verify your four digit PIN code provided to you when you registered for MyCompass.

Step 2:  Approve Your Connection to MyCompass

You will be asked to “Approve Connection” between the Cerner Health management account and the MyCompass account. This gives Cerner Health and Fort HealthCare permission to share your health information within their secure networks.

View the MyCompass Step by Step Registration Guide for more details.

If you have difficulty enrolling in Cerner Health or MyCompass please call toll  free 1-(877) 621-8014 for customer assistance 24 hours each day. Or, visit to review instructions online.