MyCompass Partners: Fort HealthCare and Cerner Health.

MyCompass Partners: Fort HealthCare and Cerner Health.

Fort HealthCare has partnered with Cerner Health to bring you MyCompass. MyCompass allows you to review much of your family’s health records online-anytime and from anywhere.As you create your secure, personal MyCompass login, you’ll see the Cerner Health logo. With Fort HealthCare and Cerner Health, you can create a personal, portable health record that stays with you permanently regardless of physician care, hospital location or current employment. Should you or a medical care provider need your medical information urgently, it can be accessed via the internet from anywhere in the world, at any time. You can also receive or grant access to family members or caregivers; this lets you manage health accounts for your spouse, underaged children or aging parents.

 Cerner Health is a Personal Health Record (PHR) that provides you with a secure way to collect, manage, and share your health-related information. Cerner Health allows you to share your health information with family members, doctors, other members of your care team, as well as a growing number of health, wellness, and condition management programs. It's your information - you control who has access and can modify that access at any time.  Cerner Health provides a collaborative environment to help you manage your health and the health of your family. Go to to learn more.

A Cerner Health account is a secure account on the internet that allows you to access your Cerner Health PHR and a family of solutions that allow you to actively engage in your health. Participation in Cerner Health is currently by invitation only. You must be invited by a health care organization, such as your doctor's office. The e-mail invitation sent to you has a link to a page where you can create a secure account and get access to your data at your health care organization.

Cerner Health works hand-in-hand with MyCompass to provide a secure login and share your health-related information. In addition to information that you add or upload, you can receive and store electronic visit and care documentation from your doctors and hospitals.

MyCompass understands that your personal health information is sensitive and private. Only you can access your information unless you give access to others. When MyCompass is connected to your Cerner Health account, the only information exchanged about you is name, gender, and date of birth to confirm your identity.

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First time MyCompass users require a 4 digit PIN provided at most Fort HealthCare locations and an email invitation that allows for sign up.
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Fort HealthCare is creating a state-of-the-art online medical record system that provides immediate access to all your health records. Learn more here.

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