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Creating Well Communities

Fort HealthCare has served the people of Jefferson County and beyond since 1949. From that time, we have demonstrated our unwavering dedication to the health of all those who reside here. We have grown significantly over the years and have become a leader in providing progressive, comprehensive medical care. Fort HealthCare physicians, leadership and employees have made a concerted effort to create programs and services that are progressive, of the highest quality, and compassionately delivered.

Despite Fort HealthCare’s considerable efforts to favorably impact the health status of our patients and their families, serious health, social, economic and environmental issues remain. Obesity, diabetes, tobacco and alcohol abuse and other serious health problems are prevalent in our communities. Fort HealthCare leadership has recognized the need to take a more future-oriented approach to managing the health of our local population and a more pro-active stance on improving the economic and social welfare of the region.

It is increasingly apparent that regional medical programs and services directly affect health factors- the influences on the health of a community- and consequently, the health outcomes of area residents. According to the Health of Wisconsin 2013 Survey, residents of Jefferson County fare poorly in rankings of both health factors (28th) and health outcomes (28th) among 72 Wisconsin counties. Jefferson County ranks 31st in mortality (a measure of years of potential life lost prior to age 75) and 33rd in morbidity (self-reported fair or poor health, poor physical health days, poor mental health days, and the percent of births with low birth weight). Most troubling, residents rank 34th in terms of health behavior – how much they smoke, drink, are physically inactive, have babies while teenagers and die in motor vehicle accidents.

As Jefferson County’s premier provider of health services, Fort HealthCare is best able to positively impact the overall health of area residents. With this in mind, Fort HealthCare’s Mission Statement has evolved to become: Improve the health and well-being of the community. Fort HealthCare’s Vision Statement is: Be the healthiest community in Wisconsin.

This new perspective on the organization’s role in influencing not only the health of individuals but also on the economic welfare of the region is shown above graphically. To interact with our Mission, Vision, Values map, click on the image at the top of the page.