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Fort HealthCare Dermatology

Fort HealthCare Dermatology

Fort HealthCare Dermatology serves patients interested in improving or maintaining the condition of their skin. Common conditions such as itching, soreness, scaling and burning, while not life threatening, are annoying, affect appearance, and can result in self-consciousness and embarrassment. More serious diseases such as malignant melanomas and lymphomas demand immediate attention and treatment.

Dermatology has entered a new phase in cancer diagnosis and treatment that will rely heavily on a new set of molecular testing and targeted and personalized treatment. For the first time in approximately 20 years, two new medications have been approved for treating melanoma and a new genetic test for melanoma classification has also been approved. There is also new medication for treating advanced basal cell carcinoma, and many new tools for earlier diagnosis of skin cancer.

In 2013, Robert Glinert, MD completed his Fellowship training in cutaneous oncology (skin cancer) at Harvard University Medical Center in Boston. His training provides him with many new skills in treating his patients, and he uses the latest developments in treating a variety of other common skin diseases, too.

Some of the many conditions we can help with include:


Contact Dermatitis 
Moles and Lesions 
MOHS Surgery
Skin Cancer 

(Basal Cell Carcinoma, Melanoma, Squamous Cell Skin Cancer)


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Robert Glinert, MD

Robert Glinert, MD

Phone:(920) 568-1000
Address: 611 Sherman Ave. East
Call to make an appointment with Dr. Glinert or see your primary care phyiscian for a referral.
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

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