Childbirth & Baby Classes

Childbirth & Baby Classes

Parenthood, like life, is an ongoing learning experience. That’s why Fort HealthCare provides Birth and Beyond Classes; a comprehensive variety of courses to both strengthen your family and provide a happy, healthy life for you and your child (offered free or at nominal cost).

Childbirth Prep Class

Classes cover the labor process and delivery, c-sections, relaxation techniques, options for pain management during labor, as well as new-baby care basics. In addition, a lactation consultant will provide an overview of breastfeeding and lactation services, and a certified car seat technician will provide car seat basics. Mothers should attend in late second or early third trimester.

Having Healthy Babies

This new, innovative program for pregnant mothers and fathers provides a great learning opportunity to address any questions and concerns you may have during your pregnancy. This class will discuss nutrition and safe exercise during pregnancy, how to select safe care givers, safe pregnancy medications, CPR, breast feeding, shaken baby syndrome, safe sleeping arrangements for your newborn … and more! Open for mothers (and partners) 16-24 weeks along this class is designed to educate you on the common questions and concerns that you may have during the remainder of your pregnancy.


Big brothers- and sisters-to-be tour the birthing center, see a newborn baby and learn to help in the daily care of the new arrival. Children must be 3 or older to take the class. Class materials are provided by the Fort Atkinson Kiwanis Club. Parental attendance is mandatory. Please only register the child's/children's name. 

Happiest Baby on the Block

New babies are such a blessing, but they can bring with them sleepless nights, crying, and sometimes quite a bit of stress. In our Happiest Baby classes new parents will learn step-by-step how to help their baby sleep better and how to soothe even the fussiest baby in minutes . . . even seconds!  Magic? A miracle? No, it's a reflex!  This class is based on the highly effective, new approach to babies pioneered by Dr. Harvey Karp in his best-selling book and DVD.

Baby Talk

Baby sign language is a great way to help facilitate communication between a parent or caregiver and child. Children who use baby sign language often speak earlier and have an easier time communicating their wants and needs, thus reducing frustration and outbursts. This class teaches parents of children ages 6 to 36 months basic American Sign Language, which has been proven to increase vocabulary in children and advance cognitive skills. Parents and children are invited to attend together!

CPR Anytime

CPR Anytime Personal Learning Program allows anyone to learn the core skills of CPR in just 20 minutes using their own personal kit. The kit contains everything needed to learn basic CPR, AED skills and choking relief anywhere, from the comfort of your home to a large group setting. Kits are available for purchase in the Partners gift Shop at Fort Memorial Hospital and an OB nurse will take time to go through the program with you after delivery, if you so choose.

Friends and Family CPR

If a cardiac arrest happened to your loved one or a close friend, would you know how to perform life-saving CPR, which can double a victim’s chance of survival?  Surprisingly, the vast majority of Americans don’t. This program offers individuals the opportunity to learn Adult/Child CPR and Adult/Child choking intervention. This is not a course for certification (usually needed for the work place). You will receive a card stating you participated in the AHA Family and Friends Course.  Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

First Aid

Do you know what to do in an emergency? Learn basic first aid, adult CPR and automatic external defibrillation (AED) from American Heart Association certified instructors. An American Heart Association card is issued with successful completion and is valid for two years.

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