Bariatrics: FAQs

Am I a Good Candidate for LAP-BAND® System bariatric surgery?

  • If you are 18 years of age, or older and have been unsuccessful with more conservative forms of weight loss, such as diet and exercise
  • At least 100 pounds over their ideal weight
  • Motivated to make a lifelong commitment to well-balanced eating and physical activity
  • Able to perform some sort of physical exercise
  • Severely obese and have been obese for five years. (Severe obesity is defined as a body mass index greater than 35.)
  • No previous acid reflux or weight-loss surgeries 

What are my options if I am not a surgical candidate, or don't want to choose LAP-BAND® surgery as my weight loss option?

It is important to remember that Fort HealthCare does not offer gastric bypass, LAP-BAND® is the only options currently available.

If your BMI is too low to qualify you for surgery or you simply decide not to undergo surgery at this time, you have the option to try proper nutrition combined with a good exercise program to lose the weight.

Fort HealthCare offers the Get L.I.T.E. (Lifestyle Improvements Through Education) program for weight loss based on exercise and a low glycemic diet. The program is physician approved and led by trained healthcare professionals. Further, the Fort HealthCare Health Promotion department can assist you with finding a wellness or fitness class that may better fit your needs at this time.

You may also elect to speak with your physician to see if they offer a medically supervised weight loss program as part of their practice.

What can I expect upon arrival at Fort Memorial Hospital?

When you arrive on the morning of your surgery, you will be admitted. You may be in the operating room area for about two hours, but the actual procedure generally only takes one hour after which you will spend about an hour in the recovery room.

Once the anesthesia has worn off, you may feel some pain or discomfort. This is usually treated with prescribed liquid pain medicine or ordinary pain relievers. The hospital staff will help you get out of bed and start moving as soon as possible to help the healing process. You will go to X-ray a few hours after returning to your room so that a film can be taken to check the placement of the band.  Once placement is confirmed, you will be asked to drink fluids to determine that everything is going down correctly. You will go home the same day as your procedure, but you may need to stay overnight if you are nauseated or in pain.

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