Continence Care

Continence Care

Welcome to Fort HealthCare’s Continence Care Program. This program is a cooperative effort of the Fort HealthCare Center for Women’s Health, Fort HealthCare Urology Associates and Fort HealthCare Therapy & Sport Center. The program offers a respectful, dignified and comprehensive approach to the treatment of bladder problems in both men and women.

Incontinence is a problem 13 million adults face in the United States today. There are several contributing factors, ranging from life experiences such as pregnancy and menopause, to health factors like older age and obesity. Many of our patients tell us about being reluctant to dance or exercise, hesitating to wear certain clothes, or resigning from activities they would otherwise enjoy. The good news is that Fort HealthCare can provide many different types of treatment to better your days — and nights.

Learn more about one of the many treatment options there are for continence issues - InterStim® Therapy:

To learn more about specialized physical therapy services, visit this page.

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