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Senior level support


Do your CEO, COO, CFO, board members, and/or other senior level management participate in wellness programming and screenings both verbally and visibly?

Does your company provide information on local wellness offerings such as community screenings, activities, magazines and other events? 

Does your company encourage participation in wellness screenings?

Does your company have a wellness team or wellness committee?

Does your company offer a health risk questionnaire/assessment to employees on an annual basis?

Does your company offer a biometric screening to employees on an annual basis (including lab work for lipid panel and glucose, BMI, waist circumference, weight, and blood pressure)?

Is your health plan offered to employees, spouses, and dependents?

Does your health plan cover annual physical exams and well-child exams up to age 18 at little to no cost?

Does your health plan cover preventive screenings such as Pap and pelvic, mammogram, colonoscopy, PSA, and bone density?


Dimensions of Wellness

(At least one item from two different areas is required)


Does your company support and participate in local events such as Relay for Life, Tomorrow’s Hope, American Heart Association Start! Walk?
Does your company offer volunteer opportunities such as highway clean-up, charity fundraisers or food drives?

Does your company have a recycling program?
Does your company offer CPR/First Aid training?

Spiritual/Mind- Body Connection
Does your company offer flexible break times?

Does your company empower employees by allowing them to be decision makers in their department and the company?

Does your company offer an EAP service? 
Does your company offer flex scheduling when appropriate?

Does your company offer wellness challenges throughout the year?
Does your company offer educational presentations for employees such as lunch and learns, webinars, or onsite workshops related to wellness?
Does your company have a designated wellness bulletin board with information and resources?

Wellness Activities and Program Participation

Does your company provide wellness activities and programs either through the company or through the community?

Does your company provide incentives for participation in wellness activities and programs?

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