Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Many businesses are required either by company policy or state and federal regulations to conduct drug and/or alcohol screens on employees for pre-employment, periodic, random, post-accident, reasonable cause or return-to-work situations.

  • Drug Testing
    • Our protocols for collection follow the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements.
    • Results are reported to company within one to two business days.
    • Services are available 24 hours per day.
    • DOT Qualified collectors
  • Breath Alcohol Services
    • DOT Qualified Breath Alcohol Technicians
  • Medical Review Officer Services
    • Qualified medical doctors to interpret results
  • Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Policy Development
    • Referral service
  • Drug and Alcohol Training Programs
    • DOT Supervisor Training
    • Mandatory training required by Federal Department of Transportation rules 49 CFR, Part 382 for supervisors of CDL holders that focuses on the behavioral, physical, speech and performance indicators of controlled substance use and alcohol misuse, is offered regularly.
    • Customized driver training
  • Drug Free Workplace Training
    • Training for supervisors in a drug-free workplace
  • Random Pool and Consortium Services
    • Both DOT and non-DOT pools available
    • Collection procedures and breath alcohol testing in accordance with DOT regulations.
    • Random selection of drivers, contacting the company prior to the random draw to assure a current employee list.
    • Provision of a list of drivers chosen on the random draw.
    • A mailed list of company employees drawn for drug and/or alcohol breath testing.
    • An annual summary report.
    • Administrative support for every part of the federally mandated drug and alcohol testing program.
    • Maintenance of all records pertaining to calibration of the evidential breath testing device.
    • An agreement with a SAMHSA certified laboratory to perform analysis of the urine specimen.
    • Provision of informational fact sheets regarding random testing and appointment scheduling forms.
    • Post accident and reasonable cause screens 24 hours per day, seven days a week with access through our emergency department.
    • Appropriate discounts to FortCare Preferred Provider Organization members.

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