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Modern society seems to accept a separation between business practices and the business of faith communities. Each entity operates free from oversight of the other. Healthcare is by nature a different type of business, however as physical, social and sometimes spiritual well-being are considered net assets.

Where healing is the central focus of the healthcare industry, faith communities promote health and healing with a well-defined spiritual dimension.

Fort HealthCare recognizes the close relationship that faith and healing have in the lives of many people in the communities it serves. To better support the existing faith and parish nurses in area congregations, Fort HealthCare created a Faith Nurse Program. Fort HealthCare is a central resource for support and education, sharing information once per month at a community faith nurse group meeting, or more often as needed. In return, participating churches and nurses work together with Fort HealthCare to provide specific resources, education and support to the Faith Nurse.

The Fort HealthCare Faith Nurse Program assists faith-based health professionals, clergy, and lay leaders with a goal to promote health for individuals in mind, body and spirit. The faith nurse program puts people that may be home-bound, uninsured or unable to care for themselves in touch with caring hands, supported by a network of like-minded individuals and the area’s leading community health network, free of charge.

A faith nurse acts as a resource for their church and recognizes when members of their congregation may need additional care, provides health education, teaches individuals about diseases, health conditions and medications, understands the spiritual needs of individuals, acts as a personal health counselor, coordinates or provides health screening services, develops necessary support groups, all with the ultimate goal of helping to improve the health of the community overall. 

A faith nurse program can improve awareness of available services, increase utilization of existing healthcare delivery systems, and promote health and healing by empowering individuals to incorporate key elements from their belief systems into their healthcare plan. Faith nurse programs can also educate congregations on healthcare issues and offer opportunities for outreach ministry into surrounding communities. Fort HealthCare extends care to individuals through faith communities throughout Cambridge, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Johnson Creek, Lake Mills, Whitewater, Palmyra, Milton, Edgerton and beyond.

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