Farmers' Markets

Finding Local Produce for a Healthy Life Style

8 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Farmers’ Market:

  1. Shopping at Farmers’ Markets is one of the best sources of nutrient-rich food. Vegetables and fruit that are grown locally and picked when perfectly ripened have superior, taste, texture and aroma as well as having higher nutritional value.
  2. When produce is grown and purchased locally, the money remains in the community and stimulates the local economy.
  3. Farmers’ Markets put more money in the farmers’ pockets. Commercial farmers get only about twenty-five cents of every dollar’s worth of produce sold in supermarkets. At the Farmers’ market, they get the whole dollar.
  4. You can meet the farmers who grow your food, ask when it was picked, how it was grown, and ways to prepare it.
  5. Before reaching your table, the average food item in the United States will travel 1,300 miles. And this is when taking into account only US grown products! Distances can be many times that for produce imported from Mexico, Asia, South America, and other places. Eliminating that travel time saves fuel and resources spent on long distance shipping.
  6. Buying locally grown produce encourages regional farming. If farming were more widespread, we could reduce our overdependence on a handful of growing regions that may not be able to produce high yields indefinitely.
  7. You’ll find better varieties of fruits and vegetables because they are bred for flavor, not uniform size, or ability to travel. Growing a larger number of varieties is ecologically smart too because it reduces crops’ vulnerability to disease.
  8. Working farms preserve open spaces without using tax dollars.


Farm fresh produce offered Wednesdays at Fort Memorial Hospital

Local food producers, High Meadow Farm of Johnson Creek and Water House Foods of Lake Mills will offer local produce and baked goods for sale on the Sherman Avenue lawn of Fort Memorial Hospital. Sales will take place every Wednesday, weather permitting, throughout the growing season from 2:30-5:00 p.m.


Fort Atkinson Farmers’ Market
Saturdays, 8am to 12pm (May - October)
Location: City parking lot across from post office (theater facade)
Contact: (920) 563-3210,

Jefferson Farmers’ Market
Thursdays, June 6 - October 10th, 11am - 6pm
Location: Court House Square , Jefferson
Contact: Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, Janet Werner, (920) 674-4511,

Lake Mills Farmers’ Market
May through October, Wednesdays, 2pm to dusk
Location: Commons Park
Contact: Lisa Maurer, (920) 648-2344

Watertown Farmers Market
Tuesdays, 7am to 1pm (May - November)
Location: Riverside Park
Contact: Andi Merfeld, (920) 261-6320

Janesville Farmers’ Market

May 7th through October 29th, Saturdays, 8am to 1pm
Location: 100 & 200 blocks Main St., downtown Janesville
Contact: Teri Huber, (608) 758-9359,

Cambridge Farmers Market
April-November. Thursdays, 3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
Location: Village Square Park
Phone: (608) 423-3780

June-November Saturdays, OPEN-AIR/SEASONAL
Location: Wal-Mart parking lot, W. Main Street
Phone: (414) 473-3221

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 "Let food be your medicine."
~ Hippocrates


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