Wound & Edema: Our Team: Wound Care Specialists

Mary Carvalho, RN, BSN, MBA - Clinical Coordinator

mary carvalho rn, bsn, mbaMary has nearly 40 years of experience in critical care medicine, wound care and hyperbaric medicine.



Why did you choose this career field?

“It’s very interesting to see people at different stage of health; I have worked with patients who are critically ill and patients who are recovering in rehab. Wound care is different because chronic wounds are impacted by disease state. It is always intriguing to see how we can help them heal. I love to see the expressions on people’s faces when they realize they are healing. Patients look forward to their appointments to see how much further they have come. This Center has top-notch equipment and the staff who know how to use it! The staff is hard-working, dedicated and love what they do. We work as a team with one goal, helping you heal.”


Carol Striegl, RN

carol striegl, rnWith prior experience in home and acute care settings, Carol brought excellent healthcare experience and her quality bedside manner when she joined the Wound Specialist Team in October 2010.

Why did you choose this career field?
“I enjoy helping people to heal their wounds. We work together as a Team to provide the best care possible. Being part of this Team is very rewarding!”


Penny Sullivan, RN, BSN

penny sullivan rn, bsnWith experience in clinical wound care, chronic wounds, and immediate and ambulatory care for medical and surgical clients, Penny brings extensive knowledge and compassion to the Wound Team.

Why did you choose this career field?
“I wanted to become a nurse to make a positive difference in peoples' lives.  I feel it is an honor and a privilege when an individual lets me into his/her life to assist them.”


Jamie M. Geske, EMT-IV TECH - Certified Hyperbaric Technician

jamie geske emt-iv tech, hbot techWhy did you choose this career field?
This field allows you to interact with people on a daily basis; the patients need all of our expertise to help them regain and sustain a better quality of life. Working with patients is the number one reason for anyone to go into the medical field. I chose to work at the Wound & Edema Center because we have state-of-the-art equipment and specially trained staff to provide care that is nationally recognized.


Ami Givens, LPN

ami givens lpnAmi has worked in the medical field since the mid-1990s and in that time has gained vast experience. Currently she specializes in all types of wound care, VAC therapy and compression wraps to help patients regain function.

Why did you choose this career field?

“To keep it simple, I like to help people. Seeing the progress patients make and to know that I had a part in it is eternally rewarding.”


 Our Team

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