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Heart Failure Follow-Up Program

The Heart Failure Follow-Up program, formerly the Heart Failure Clinic, is a program design to fulfill the Fort HealthCare mission to improve the health and well-being of our community. With a diagnosis of heart failure, you may have many questions.

  • How much salt can I eat?
  • What exercises are safe?
  • What is cardiac rehabilitation?
  • Are there symptoms I need to watch for?

As part of your Plan of Care, you will be enrolled in the Heart Failure follow-up Program. Participation is free of charge and provided by our Heart Failure Staff.

Our program began in 2003, is staffed by registered nurses trained in critical care and is overseen by a physician. Staff work with your physician, dietitian, physical therapist and other healthcare personnel to develop your plan of care. Staff is also knowledgeable of the many services in the community to assist you in staying healthy.

What is included in the Program?

Our goal is to keep you active and healthy while preventing re-admission to the hospital.

The Program consists of learning modules designed to help you understand heart failure, teach you strategies to monitor and manage your symptoms, assist you to live a health lifestyle, maintain your quality of life and prevent re-admission to the hospital.

A heart failure nurse will meet with you before your discharge from the hospital to review the Program and discuss a convenient time to contact you for your Follow-Up Program phone calls. Our care does not stop when you leave our doors.

Within 72 hours of your hospital discharge you will receive your first Follow-Up phone call. After that, an individualized schedule of calls will be determined to discuss each of the learning modules based upon your needs. Occasionally, you will be sent information before your Program phone call. It is highly beneficial to you to read and be familiar with it before the call.

Once you have completed the Heart Failure Follow-Up Program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

After Care

Our nursing staff will work closely with your physician to coordinate your care. We may recommend you contact your physician if certain issues arise. In that case, we will check back with you to discuss any changes that were made.

The Heart Failure Follow-up Program is based on your needs as a patient and heart failure nurses will always be available for questions and advice, even after your completion of the program.

Contact Us: (920) 568-5469