InterStim Sacral Nerve Therapy For Urinary Control


InterStim® Sacral Nerve Stimulation/Modulation (SNS) from Medtronic

InterStim® SNS is an outpatient procedure (completed the same day; no overnight hospital stay required) that offers relief from symtpoms of overactive bladder and urinary retention.

You are not alone.

If you are frustrated by bladder control problems, it may help to know that millions of people experience bladder issues at some time in their lives. Bladder control problems prevent you from controlling how much you urinate. You may experience unexpected small or large leaks, use the bathroom very frequently, or you may have the feeling of not being able to completely empty your bladder. Some people experience a combination of these symptoms.


Normally, as your bladder stores urine, your pelvic floor muscles contract to support your bladder and hold urine in without leaking. Bladder control problems occur when your pelvic muscles weaken or the nerves controlling the bladder are not in sync.


Do you suffer from one of these bladder control problems?
  • Frequent urges to urinate (urgency-frequency)
  • Inablity to hold urine/leaking (urge incontinence)
  • Inability to urinate (complete urinary retention)
  • Incomplete bladder emptying (partial urinary retention)

Our Experts Can Help You.

Urologists Craig Kozler, MD and Christopher Manakas, MD with Fort HealthCare Urology Associates offer InterStim® Sacral Nerve Stimulation/Modulation therapy for the treatment of urinary retention problems and symptoms of overactive bladder.

Candidates for this procedure may have some of the symptoms we've described, and must have tried changing their diet and fluid intake, tried going to the bathroom at the same times each day, physical therapy (biofeedback) for their condition, or medications to help improve their condition. If these actions have not improved symptoms, InterStim® therapy may be a solution.

A quick evaluation procedure is performed in the clinic, and only takes about 15-20 minutes. Temporary wires are placed alongside certain nerves in the lower back. You get to try the treatment for two-four days to see if it helps you. During this time, low levels of energy are delivered to the nerves that control signals sent to the brain telling your body when it needs to go to the bathroom.

If the InterStim® therapy helps, our urologists may recommend that the device - similar to the size of a pacemaker - be surgically implanted. The procedure only takes about 45 minutes. The device can still be controlled by you after it's implanted, and it can be removed by your urologist at any time, if needed.

For more information about InterStim® Sacral Nerve Modulation/Stimulation, call Fort HealthCare Urology Associates at 920-563-7744. If you would like more information mailed to you for free, please fill out this secure, online request form: INFORMATION REQUEST FORM

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