January 9, 2023

Aquatic Physical Therapy

General Health
Sports Medicine

If you have pain, swelling, lack of strength, lack of motion, difficulty with balance, or pain/restrictions when walking, you may benefit from Aquatic Physical Therapy.  

Aquatic Physical Therapy is a form of rehabilitation and recovery that takes place in the water. This form of therapy is beneficial because buoyancy (ability to float) allows you to exert less effort when moving. Exercising in the water has many benefits, such as healing by reducing inflammation and swelling, increasing circulation in muscle groups, and providing resistance to movement.  

Examples of where Aquatic Therapy Can Help Patients: 

  • Chronic Low Back Pain: Aquatic Physical Therapy uses the water properties of buoyancy to help unload joints and hydrostatic pressure to promote relaxation and reduce stress.  
  • Knee or Hip Replacements: The use of hydrostatic pressure can improve blood flow to tissue and allow for ease of movement. This form of therapy can also reduce stiffness and assist with reducing swelling caused by excess fluid in your body’s tissues.  
  • Decreased Strength and Endurance: The water can provide graded resistance during strengthening, and hydrostatic pressure can improve cardiovascular efficiency.  

Aquatic Therapy may not be appropriate for you If you have open wounds, active infection, uncontrolled body fluids, fear of water, are undergoing chemo, have uncontrolled seizure disorders, or have uncontrolled cardiac arrest.   

If you think Aquatic Therapy may be right for you, talk to your primary provider for a referral or call your insurance for coverage questions. With an Aquatic Physical Therapy referral, you will be evaluated by a licensed Physical Therapist in the clinic to develop a plan specifically for you. Aquatic Physical Therapy Sessions are 1:1 in a pool setting.    

Fort HealthCare offers Aquatic Therapy every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at the Jefferson High School Pool. To learn more about the benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy, visit our website