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pre-participationIs your child ready to go back to school? Request to schedule your child’s school physical online and check that all immunizations are current at

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A pre-participation or back to school exam may be required for any child who wants to take part in a school athletic activity. This may also be needed for an organized sports activity outside of school.

Why is a pre-participation exam important?

A pre-participation exam for your child is used to find any medical or physical problems that could make athletic participation risky. It may also be to find any medical or physical problems that could be fixed to make participation a more beneficial experience and to help maintain health and safety. Make sure your child is fit enough to participate in the activity. Teach your child about the activity. Meet all the legal and insurance requirements for participation in the activity.

When is pre-participation exam needed?

Pre-participation exams are usually necessary before starting an activity. They may be required again if treatment is needed before clearance is given. If your child is injured while playing the sport, he or she may need to have another exam for permission to return to play. How often your child needs to have an exam depends on the activity and the local laws governing the activity. In many cases, annual exams are required.

What’s involved?

Pre-participation exams usually require a medical history and physical exam by a qualified medical professional like your pediatrician. In many cases, a form will need to be filled out. Sometimes, your family health care provider will be able to do the exam and fill out the form. Other times, the exam may have to be done at a particular clinic.

General health questions may be asked and your child may be advised about an increased risk for stress fractures or knee injuries and how to prevent injuries.

A pre-participation exam or back to school physical is a good way to make sure your child can safely enjoy an organized physical activity. It is also a chance to learn about the activity and the possible risks of participation.