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Are You Troubled by Pain, Numbness or Tingling in Your Hands?

James Bruno, MD James Bruno, MD January 2, 2014 0 Comments Hand Care

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a problem that affects the wrist and hand. The carpal tunnel is a narrow space inside the wrist that is surrounded by bone and ligament. This space lets certain tendons and a major nerve pass from the forearm into the hand. With CTS, the tendon sheaths may thicken and enlarge. […]

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Is hand pain slowing you down?

James Bruno, MD James Bruno, MD December 15, 2011 0 Comments Orthopedics

If you’re over 50, osteoarthritis (a.k.a. degenerative arthritis) may be a topic of conversation among you and your friends. Most of the time, osteoarthritis affects the hand, making day-to-day tasks like opening jars, getting dressed and gripping things with your hands, painful. Thankfully, there are some solutions for hand arthritis. Relief can come in the […]

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Bunions: A real pain in the foot.

James Bruno, MD James Bruno, MD September 15, 2011 0 Comments General News

Bunion deformity of the foot can easily be self-diagnosed, if the great toe deviates laterally toward the small toe, greater than about 15 degrees. Small deformities present only a mild cosmetic alteration to the foot. To avoid irritation, proper shoe size and style selection deals with the deformity. With major deformity, unfortunately, no shoe seems […]

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