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Treating a sunburn for a pain free summer

Julia Dewey, MD Julia Dewey, MD June 20, 2012 0 Comments Dermatology

Happy First Day of Summer! So you lost track of time, forgot to reapply your sunscreen, fell asleep in a comfy deck chair at the Aquatic Center – that happens to the many of us every now and then. And a painful sunburn is the price we pay. Years ago, sunburns were treated by rubbing butter […]

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Swimmer's Ear: Not just from swimming?

William Hofmann, MD William Hofmann, MD June 13, 2012 0 Comments Audiology

As the weather improves, so do your opportunities to hit the pool! For  many parents though, this means battling with endless complaints of, “My ear  hurts!” So what is it and how do you help your little swimmers cope? Swimmer’s ear (also called otitis externa) is a painful condition of the  outer ear. Males and […]

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Surviving the heat with diabetes

David Misorski, MD David Misorski, MD June 4, 2012 0 Comments Diabetes

Another beautiful summer is here. Like many Wisconsin natives, I love the change of seasons, and the unique pleasures each one brings. But the heat of summer can also mean problems for patients with diabetes. Type I and Type II diabetes can impair a person’s ability to sweat, hampering the body’s ability to keep core temperature under […]

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