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The Fort HealthCare Cardiac Rehabilitation Program may benefit anyone with the potential to develop a cardiac condition, and individuals who may have experienced:

How It Works

The program is divided into three phases, beginning while you are in the hospital (inpatient). The first phase concentrates on recovery while you are in the hospital, providing a slow progression into more exercise and activity to help you return to regular activities of daily life.

Education is a very important part of cardiac rehabilitation. Throughout your progression through the three phases of rehab, you will become more aware of the following:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the heart
  • Identifying risk factors
  • Medications
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Nutrition
  • Benefits of an exercise program
  • Community resources
  • Smoking cessation

Next Steps – Outpatient

After you have been discharged from the hospital and your health provider feels you are ready to attend, you may begin Phase II of cardiac rehab. This is also known as the healing period. Your exercise program is a referral from your provider, like a prescription, specially-designed to help your progression through cardiovascular fitness.

Exercise takes place at Fort Memorial Hospital in Fort Atkinson, under the supervision and monitoring of registered nurses and exercise physiologists. Blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm are monitored. Your exercise program may include work on the treadmill, stationary bike, upper body exercises, and many other types of exercises. Education about lifestyle change is also emphasized.

After you complete Phase II of your treatment, you are eligible for the Cardiopulmonary Exercise & Wellness program.

Financial Concerns

Most insurance companies (including Medicare and Medicaid) provide coverage for cardiac rehabilitation. Please check with your individual insurance carrier to determine your level of insurance coverage. Fort HealthCare accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. Visit to view a complete list.