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Boosting Immunity & Preventing Infection

What’s the best way to prevent infection?

There’s no one way to prevent infection. There are a lot of infections out there. They all spread differently and require different prevention strategies.

When it comes to prevention, it’s best to practice everyday strategies that protect you against most germs. Then, when there is a specific illness causing concerns, expand the list as needed.

Right now, keeping your distance from others and wearing a mask are important precautions to add to the list in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. Remember: germs need you in order to multiply and spread. Using general prevention strategies every day helps protect you and keeps germs from spreading to others in your family and community.

Here are a few healthy habits that will help you fight the majority of infections:

Boosting Immunity

Covid-19 has brought on so many unknowns, and now with the flu season upon us, it’s time to take care of ourselves to help boost our immunity. Daily self-care, such as managing stress, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and good nutrition are all important pieces to staying healthy.  Please download and share the following educational handouts from our Rock the Walk Challenge on ways to boost your immune system.  You may also enjoy our Blog Series on Boosting Your Immunity.

Sleep & Your Immune System

Boosting Immunity Through Nutrition

Boosting Immunity Through Exercise

Alcohol & Your Immune System

Stress Management

If you do become sick, make sure you are prepared.

It’s important to practice prevention to help avoid becoming ill, but we or someone in our household may still become sick.  Getting your household ready by planning and making decisions now will help protect you and your family.  The CDC is an excellent resource for guidance on flu prevention, how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, and includes a Household Checklist to help you prepare.  You may also like Fort HealthCare’s Flu Season Prep Checklist (click here to download).