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March is National Nutrition Month

Eating well is fundamental to good health and well-being.  A healthy eating pattern can help us to maintain a healthy weight and reduce our risk for disease such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.  It also promotes strong bones and teeth, can improve our mood and energy levels, and is important to our overall brain health (i.e. memory, prevention of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s dementia and cognitive decline).

Test Your Knowledge

If you are familiar with eating healthy, test your knowledge with the following brain games from The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics!

National Nutrition Month (NNM) 2021 Quiz

NNM 2021 Crossword Puzzle

NNM 2021 Sudoku

NNM 2021 Word Search

Practice Health Eating

From the American Heart Association ( #HealthyForGood

Fruits & Veggies Serving Sizes

Cuanto es una Porcion

Up your game or share your knowledge with these healthy eating tips from The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics!

20 Health Tips for 2021

Eat Right with MyPlate

Healthy Eating on the Run

Smart-Snacking Tips for Adults & Teens

Smart-Snacking Tips for Kids

SALT – 9 out of 10 Americans Eat Too Much Salt!

On average, American adults eat more than double the amount of sodium they should (3400 mg on average while 1500 mg or less is recommended).  Kids ages 2 to 19 eat more than 3100 mg sodium per day and teen boys 12 to 19 eat the most sodium at an average of 4220 mg per day, according to the American Heart Association.  Find a variety of downloadable resources at to share and help educate!

Spanish resources can be found at

Additional Resources

Healthy Recipes for Healthier Choices

MyPlate (USDA)

Nutrition (Centers for Disease Control)