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Worksite Wellness Information & Health Challenges

The success of your business relies on the productivity and engagement of your employees. Health awareness and a safe workplace positively influence employee productivity, morale, and rapport that likely brings more success to your business. Our goals are to strengthen our partnerships throughout the communities we serve and provide employees  with various opportunities to improve their health and well-being, and while having a little bit of fun through the health challenges below.

The health information may be used and distributed internally at your business, along with the health challenge information, which is designed to engage and encourage employees to take a vested interest in their health, and the health of those around them.

2021 Resources

December Worksite Wellness Health Activities

Need extra support? Call/Text/Chat-Online with NAMI Support

Read about managing holiday stress in this article

Visit for more mental health support.


November Worksite Wellness Health Activities

Need a break? Take a moment to try a few desk stretches.

Watch this video for an example of mindful meditation when you feel overwhelmed.

Check out this video for a few calming minutes of relaxation.

September Worksite Wellness Health Activities

Finding a Primary Care Provider

Guidelines to determine which screenings/immunizations you may need

Finding a health provider in your area

August Worksite Wellness Health Activities

Financial Health: An element of your well-being

6 Healthy and low-cost meals

July Worksite Wellness Health Activities

Camping Checklist

Find your next trail

June: Brain Health

Brain Health: A Healthy Lifestyle now may help in the future

Brain activity: Maze Game

May: Mental Health

Mental Health and Heart Health

60-Second Stretch

Stress Bingo

April: Sleep Health

Sleep Challenge–Tracking Form

March: Nutrition

March Wellness Newsletter

Sugar Buster Challenge

March: Label Reading

February: Heart Health

February Wellness Newsletter

February Healthy Heart Challenge

February Heart Month: Relaxation and the Heart Activity

January: Resilience

January Wellness Newsletter

Jumpin into January Calendar

January: Find Your Purpose Exercise