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Movin' and Losin' Slimdown Edition

Are you looking for an extra push during the Slimdown Challenge, and have more than 20 lbs to lose? Join Fort HealthCare’s team of health coaches for this 8-week session that will help give you the motivation at the start of each week to make the lasting changes necessary for weight loss and health improvement.

Each class will consist of:

  • Brief discussion of weekly Slimdown Education
  • Different weekly workout with modifications if needed
  • Goal setting
  • Question/Answer session
  • Weigh-in for Slimdown and progress tracking
  • Follow-up email with health tips and workout options
  • Support from health coaches and class participants

Participants MUST be an active participant of the Slimdown Challenge.

*No discounts will be applied to this class

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A confidential class survey will be sent to each class member with an email after course completion.
Survey participation is encouraged and greatly appreciated.

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