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Puzzled About Medicare?

Original or Private Medicare health coverage, Supplemental Insurance and prescription drug options often raise questions when navigating confusing choices. Looking for answers? Sam Johnson is an expert with the State of Wisconsin on Medicare coverage and how Medicare Supplements can help seniors fit all the pieces of their Medicare Puzzle together.  Mr. Johnson will present the free seminar at the Fort Memorial Hospital for Jefferson County Seniors that helps beneficiaries understand and compare the differences between the assortments of Medicare Health options.

The seminar is ideal for people who will be turning 65 in the upcoming months and will be newly eligible for Medicare…. But it will also very helpful to ANY Medicare beneficiary who has questions or concerns on the increasingly complicated Medicare options and benefits.

The seminar is free and open to the public, but reservations are encouraged to reserve materials! Attendees can pre-register by calling 920-674-8734.

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