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Urology Associates

Urology Associates

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Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Kassy Smith


Please call the clinic or use your MyCompass account for all routine requests. If you have a compliment or concern, please feel free to email our manager.

Urology Associates

About Urology Associates

Urology Associates serves individuals who may need medical or surgical intervention for urinary or genital issues. Patients can visit any of our clinics in Fort Atkinson, Whitewater or Johnson Creek. Urology Associates is part of Fort HealthCare’s Fort Medical Group network of clinics.

Urology is the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the urinary tract and male reproductive system for adults and children. An urologist is a physician with specialized medical and surgical training in treating urinary and genital conditions.

At Fort HealthCare Urology Associates, we’re dedicated to alleviate concerns, provide thorough answers based on the latest advances and find the best, quickest solution for individuals who may need medical or surgical intervention for urinary or genital issues.

Biofeedback is used to help retrain dysfunctional pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are responsible for bladder and bowel function and control. See how it works here.

Specialists in:

Our urologists and staff will work with you to address your concerns and conditions. We’re experts at the evaluation and care of urinary and reproductive issues including:
We also provide robotic-assisted surgery options for certain prostate, bladder and urinary conditions.

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Our Specialties:

  • Urology

Our Providers

Craig Kozler MD
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Chris Manakas MD
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Our Staff

Becky McConnell

Physical Therapist

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