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Important updates from our health care partner, the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA):

The COVID-19 pandemic is more than a healthcare crisis. Healthcare workers can’t bring this to an end. It requires everyone in the community to do their part.

Message from Eric Borgerding, WHA President:

“WHA is very aware of the deteriorating situation in hospitals and impacts on care for your patients. This was the dominant topic at the WHA board of directors meeting last Thursday, which also included a lengthy and in depth conversation with DHS Deputy Secretary Deb Standridge. A priority action item coming out of that meeting was a request by the board to WHA to help escalate the urgency in public messaging. The public needs to understand what is happening in hospitals right now and its impact on the seemingly unaware community.

In response, and per the board discussion, WHA encourages hospital leaders to immediately engage with their local media, community and business leaders (i.e. Chamber of Commerce) and elected officials to directly communicate what is happening in hospitals, why it is happening and how it will affect their lives.”


“Viral Blizzard” is what hospitals are bracing for over the holidays and into early 2022.

  • The Delta and Omicron variants are highly contagious, with COVID-19 case totals doubling in days, not weeks. The CDC says that nationally the Omicron variant is responsible for 70 percent+ of cases and projects one million new cases a day by next month.
  • The holidays mean traveling and social gatherings. Often with individuals who are not vaccinated and/or whose health is immunocompromised. This is a dangerous mix.
  • People still have heart attacks and strokes, break limbs, have car accidents and get diagnosed with cancer in a pandemic. Folks are coming to us sicker than ever because they’ve delayed getting care. The beds and caregivers they need are being taxed by COVID-19 patients who are unvaccinated.
  • People are sick and dying unnecessarily. Our teams are frustrated and demoralized because the vast majority of COVID-19 cases in our hospitals are preventable. There are vaccines and boosters that are highly effective at preventing hospitalization and death.
  • And we know what’s coming. Hospitals experience a surge 2-4 weeks after a holiday. Trouble is – we’re already surging.

To keep up to date on the latest statistics and information, visit the WHA COVID-19 SITUATIONAL AWARENESS WEBSITE.

The WHA supports and advocates for their members to be leaders in providing high quality, affordable and accessible health care for all, resulting in healthier communities. Our affiliation with them helps support our ability to provide the best quality health care to the region we serve.


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