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From the WI Department of Health Services: Am I Eligible for the Vaccine? Read the latest list and information of who is eligible and when.

COVID-19 Preguntas frecuentes sobre vacunas

During these challenging times, one bright spot is the rapid progression of the development and regulatory approval of the COVID-19 vaccines. While things are looking positive, it is important to remember that there are several steps to go before vaccines are available to the general public.

And because there is so much information in the news, it is not always clear what is happening or what the updates mean. The following frequently asked questions, or FAQ, are intended to help answer some common questions individuals may have about COVID-19 vaccines.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services – Latest COVID-19 Vaccine News and Updates

Q: Where can I learn more about the vaccines?

A: If you are interested in reading more about vaccines, two great sources are the CDC and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. To learn more about the vaccine types please visit

Covid Hotline 920-648-7696