June 20, 2019

Diabetics Dealing with Summer Heat

General Health

It’s finally starting to feel like Summer! Like many Wisconsin natives, I love the change of seasons, and the unique pleasures each one brings. But the heat of Summer can also mean problems for patients with Diabetes.

Type I and Type II diabetes can impair a person’s ability to sweat, hampering the body’s ability to keep core temperature under control in the heat. Further, heat can damage equipment and medications that people with diabetes rely on to manage their disease.

If you have diabetes, take extra care to find a cool place to take regular breaks from the summer heat; wear loose, light-colored clothing; and avoid exercising outdoors in the midday sun. Remember that heat illness can set in at just 80 degrees when muggy conditions drive up the heat index. Don’t wait until you are sweltering to seek out air conditioning or jump into the pool.

It’s also very important to keep your glucose monitoring devices, glucose monitoring strips and medications in a cool, dry place so that they function properly. And remember: If you are going out into the heat, be sure to bring along your medications and supplies – you might need them. Too many patients leave these at home to avoid exposing them to heat.

With a few extra precautions and common sense, patients with diabetes can enjoy every moment of another wonderful Wisconsin summer. If you’d like speak with a Physician about managing your diabetes, you can visit: /find-a-doctor/