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NOW RECRUITING for the 2019-2020 Service Year

  Fort HealthCare’s AmeriCorps Farm to School

GOAL: To promote nutrition education and influence positive change in our children’s school food environment.


  • Collaborate with teachers to facilitate nutrition education and environmental education in the classroom for elementary and middle school aged children.
  • Collaborate with school administrators and food service directors to improve the school food environment.
  • Build and maintain a regional Farm to School network for Greater Jefferson County WI.

Harvest of the Month Fact Sheets

English                                                Español

APPLES                                                   MANZANAS

ASPARAGUS                                          ESPÁRRAGOS

HONEY                                                    MIEL

MUSHROOMS                                       CHAMPIÑONESES

POPCORN                                               PALOMITAS DE MAÍZ

RADISH                                                   RÁBANO

RHUBARB                                               RUIBARBO

SPINACH                                                 ESPINACAS

Meet our 2018-19 AmeriCorps Farm to School members


-Graduated from UW-Whitewater with a Sociology degree, Music Minor, and Research Certificate.

-Did undergraduate research on school gardens.

-Very passionate about eating local and scratch cooking.

-Plays piano, French horn, guitar, and ukulele.





-Undergraduate at UW-Whitewater, majoring in Communications with a Minor in Health Promotion.

-Found knowledge and passion for purchasing and eating locally after serving at a Farm to Table restaurant.

-Loves to cook and adds kale to every recipe.




What’s happening in the Greater Jefferson County Area?

  • Learn more about local efforts in Greater Jefferson County at EatHereEatWell.
  • JOIN the EatHereEatWell network or connect with Fort HealthCare’s Community Health and Wellness Department to share your farm to school efforts and learn about others! Phone: 920-568-5244 or email:
  • Fort HealthCare’s Healthy Community Coalitions (HCCs) are paving the way through partnerships and support for their respective school gardens. Visit our HCC page to learn more.
  • School Garden Map for Jefferson County.
  • Learn more about Farm to School efforts happening throughout Wisconsin.

Eat Here Eat Well