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Benefits to FortCare Members

The FortCare network is the most extensive provider network in Jefferson County, Cambridge and Whitewater. The network is easy to access and easy to use.

  • The FortCare network can be paired with another network to serve employees who live outside the Jefferson County area.
  • No referral is needed to directly access more than 70 area providers, facilities and services.
  • Employees and dependents can access more than 200 specialty providers via an easy referral process.

FortCare PPO Directory

2018 FortCare PPO Guide

(Download the PPO Directory)   – updated January 2023

What is FortCare?

FortCare is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Since 1989, FortCare has helped employers improve their bottom line with cost-effective health insurance healthcare services for employees and their families. Just as important, Fort HealthCare has delivered consistent, quality care through a network of providers with the medical professionals of Fort HealthCare at its’ core.

Self-insured or fully-insured employers in and around Jefferson County wishing to reduce their healthcare costs and improve their bottom line should consider contracting for reduced fee-for-service medical care with FortCare. Our comprehensive network of primary care, specialty care and tertiary care medical providers can deliver your insured exceptional care whenever it is needed.

The Best in Provider Discounts

FortCare members annually see bottom-line healthcare savings in excess of 20 percent, and the employer and their employees realize every dollar of these savings. These are real dollars available to employers to enhance profitability. FortCare does not keep any savings as administrative or service fees. FortCare members receive:

Self-insured: The Network is Easy to Implement

FortCare can help establish total, cost-effective services. Employers can maintain existing broker/agent relationships.

To learn more about how the FortCare provider network might help control your group health plan costs, please contact us at: (920) 568-5406 or via e-mail at: