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Winter Virtual 5K Series – Frosty Rock 2021 – Frequently Asked Questions


What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a race that you can do anywhere, and it does not have a specific time or starting place! You pick the day, time and even the route.

What is the Winter Virtual 5K Series?

The Frosty Rock race is part of a series of six total walk/runs that are offered by Fort HealthCare between October 2021 and February 2021. Participants can sign up for one or all the races for free.

How long is a 5k? How long is a 12k?

A 5k is 3.1 miles and a 12k is 7.46 miles.

Are there suggested routes I should run?

Yes! We have put together some ideas for you here.

Is this event & series free?

Yes, it is totally free!

I’m not a runner, can I walk this?

Yes, you can walk the 3.1 or 7.46 miles.

How do I register?

You can register for the Frosty Rock race here.

Do I have to do the full mileage in one walk/run?

Yes you do in order for it to be fair for all participants.

Will my time be documented?

If registered for the timed 5k and the 12k, your time will be documented on a “Virtual Leaderboard” after you submit your proof of completion and time.

Can I do this with a friend/family member?

Absolutely! We just ask that you practice physical distancing if you plan to walk/run together.

How do I know how long 3.1 or 7.46 miles is?

If you have a tracking device, such as a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or a smart phone, you may be able to see the distance of your walk or run. Another option is to find a route using MapMyRun online to find your perfect 5k or 12k course.

How can I record my time?

You can use a stopwatch, phone, or tracking device (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, etc.).

How do I submit completion of my 5k?

You can take a picture of your tracking device, route and time and send it as an attachment to between November 12th and 14th. No late submissions will be added.

Who do I contact with additional questions?

You can contact Community Health and Wellness by calling (920) 568-5475 or by emailing