July 17, 2019

Getting Back on Track After a Cheat Meal

General Health

Happy post-fair week friends!


I hope you were able to get out to the fair and enjoy the weather—wasn’t it gorgeous?

For those of you who did make it out to the fair, I’m sure you’ve all seen the delicious fried foods that were at every corner. I myself enjoyed a nice cheese curd binge (see photographic evidence below)!

Yes, it was magical and I scarfed those puppies down like it was going out of style. Let me tell you though, Sunday was rough.  My insides did not feel good, and my run on Sunday was pitiful because of the jumbling still happening in my stomach. I was reminded of why I do a cheese curd binge once a year.

I immediately went into “recovery-mode” on Sunday and I added a few extra “TLC” points to my day so I could get back on track.

The first thing I did on Sunday was grab a big glass of water and drink it (this was, of course, after my yell out loud of “WHY DID I DO THAT LAST NIGHT?!?!”). The water keeps the toxins/everything moving through your system, and I always feel like I’m ‘cleansing’ when I drink a big glass of water.

I also kept on track with my exercise. I usually do a longer run on Sunday mornings, and this Sunday was no exception.  By adding exercise to your day after a binge or “off the wagon day”, is another way to feel like you’re on track, and burning off some of the excess that was put into your system.

The next step in my plan was to make sure I had my meals planned out for the day, and to be doubly sure that I had lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins as staples. I cut up a bunch of fruits and vegetables and made sure they were easily accessible, and packed them in my lunch bag and snacked throughout the day.

In addition to my morning pick-me-up routine, I made sure to always have water with me, and was diligent in drinking as much as I could throughout the day. I also added walking wherever I could (ie. Parking farther away at the store, extra trips up and down the stairs) to keep my body moving.

Lastly, and perhaps the most difficult of the list, was to remind myself that it was OK that I had a cheat meal, and to not beat myself up over it. One cheat meal will not cause a 5 lb. weight gain over night, and the good, naughty food is meant to be enjoyed in moderation. I can understand how folks think “meh, I ruined my Saturday, I might as well start Monday” because I felt that twinge of temptation. It’s SO easy to continue on the downward spiral, but so much more rewarding to rise above and keep working toward your goals.

Everything in moderation,

Until next time!