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Fort HealthCare is committed to serving the people of Jefferson County. We are dedicated to following our mission statement in improving the health and well-being of our community. In an effort to encourage our friends and neighbors to make healthy lifestyle changes, we have gathered several resources to encourage the community to eat locally-sourced, fresh foods from the ground, and leave behind the over processed, packaged foods.

Here in Jefferson County, we have embarked on a goal to improve the quality of food served in the schools with the help of National Farm to School AmeriCorps members and experts. Through an initiative titled “Eat Here Eat Well,” previously serving as an active coalition, Jefferson County schools, health professionals, farmers, local gardeners, and other community advocates are partnering to make locally-grown and healthy foods more accessible in our environments. This organizational change is one way we are striving to help Jefferson County become the healthiest in Wisconsin!

We encourage you to look for ways to be involved in this community collaboration. For most, this first step may simply be accomplished by becoming aware of the efforts taking place where you live. Visit Eat Here Eat Well and the Jefferson County Healthy Community Coalitions websites to learn more about these initiatives.

We have also created an interactive map, depicting the major communities in Jefferson County and where you can access locally-grown food options near you. Learn more about Locally Grown Foods.

Another more hands-on way to participate in the Healthiest Community movement is by volunteering or showing your support of school gardens in the area. School gardens are growing across the nation, and Jefferson County is no exception. School gardens offer students a chance to observe, discover, experiment, nurture, and learn. And gardens encourage students to become active participants in the learning process, connecting them with an understanding of food awareness, health, and economy. Review a current list of local school gardens on the Eat Here Eat Well website.