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Safe Haven

Fort HealthCare is a proud sponsor of the Jefferson County Fair this July 6-10. We are located in the tent across from the Fair Park Office, in the Commercial Building and in the Children’s Area. Our Safe Haven tent provides First Aid response along with Jefferson EMS and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

You may also receive a Wellness Screening at posted times at the Fort HealthCare Commercial Building location; get your blood pressure checked and learn hands on CPR free of charge!

We are there to be a safe place for anyone separated from their party. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is available to assist with any individuals who may become separated from their party. Lost child, grandson or lost grandma? Individuals may come to the Safe Haven tent for assistance. When a lost child has been reported a lock down of the fairgrounds is put in place. This includes all gates and entrances throughout the Fair Park, helping to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Have an infant or young toddler? We also have a Baby Friendly area in our tent as well. There is an area in the tent where Mom’s may breastfeed in privacy and also use our baby changing area.