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We’re Always Working to Improve Access to
Your Online Medical Records


There is now a mobile app for the MyCompass patient portal. The HealtheLife app gives patients easy mobile access to Fort HealthCare’s MyCompass patient portal. The online medical records content shown in the app is the same information available on the website. You can download the app for iPhone and Android systems today. The HealtheLife app makes access to your health records in Fort HealthCare’s MyCompass patient portal easier than ever before. The benefits of using the MyCompass patient portal for accessing online medical records are always growing and improving. We continually strive to increase your options for personalized and professional care close to home and access to your health information from wherever you are and whenever you need it.

The HealtheLife App is available for iPhone and Android users.

Download iPhone HealtheLife App

Download iPhone HealtheLife App

Download Android HealtheLife App

Download Android HealtheLife App


Download your HealtheLife App today.

Current features with MyCompass include:

  • Secure messaging with your provider.
  • Request medication refills.
  • Schedule basic appointments and make a request for all other appointment types.
  • Access to direct schedule same day ‘sick’ appointments.
  • Access to direct schedule your annual physical.
  • View most test results.
  • Track immunizations and allergies.
  • View your clinical summaries and discharge documents.
  • Share important health information with others, when necessary, anywhere there is internet access.

Managing your health and access to care have never been this good, this easy, or this fast.