April 17, 2023

Healthy Eating in Action for Diabetes

General Health

In January, we introduced Eating Healthy with Diabetes. Today, we’ll discuss putting this healthy eating meal plan into action. You are in charge of your food choices throughout the day. We hope this information allows you to choose healthier options that work with your lifestyle.  



Before you go to the grocery store, make a food plan. Use the information from your Diabetes Educator, such as following the MyPlate method. Remember, the MyPlate method includes non-starchy veggies, complex carbs, and proteins. Focus on purchasing foods from the outer sections of the store and avoid the inside aisles, as these tend to have more processed foods. Experiment with new recipes and a variety of foods – this ensures your body receives a mix of nutrients. It is best to avoid or limit drinks that are high in sugar, such as juice, regular soda, and sweet teas.  



Your food plan should include three small meals evenly spaced throughout the day and 2 – 3 small snacks. Skipping meals or fasting can cause your blood sugar to fall too low or too high. It is important to maintain steady blood sugar by eating every couple of hours. This helps to keep blood sugar in a target range.  


How much? 

You can work with a registered dietician to determine how much of each food you should have at each meal and snack. When you start to feel full, take a drink of water and a break. Allow your body to tell you when it is done eating – even if food may be left on the plate.  


Special occasions  

We, humans, are very social beings! We will have holidays, parties, and opportunities to go out to eat. Plan earlier in the day when you know these events are coming up. You can adjust your portion size while out to eat or take one less carb choice at the party so you can have a piece of cake instead. Talk with your diabetes care team about simple switches you can make for healthier choices. Long-term fasting, such as for religious holidays, and alcohol can impact your blood sugar. It is best to talk with your provider and diabetes care team about the safest plan for these occasions.  


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