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As Prescribed Blog

It's Holiday Cookie Baking Time!

AnnKutz, OTR, CHT AnnKutz, OTR, CHT December 18, 2013 0 Comments General Health

It is the time of year when we dust off the rolling pins, and mix up some cookie dough to roll and cut out cookies. How are your hands feeling while doing this task? Any joint pain? Any hand stiffness? Your friends at the Fort HealthCare Center for Hand Care in Fort Atkinson offer some tips:

 1. Pace your activity. All that gripping and pinching can take its toll on hand joints. Try working for 20 minutes, then rest for 20 minutes. Repeat.
2. Delegate! Have some friends or relatives come over and make it a baking day. My daughters and I are going to have one this Saturday. It’s a lot of fun and you can get the younger ones involved and save your hands.
3. Try wool or cotton gloves at night. Sometimes a glove on the hand at night can help provide neutral warmth that can help hands feel less stiff in the morning.
4. Use your appliances instead of hand mixing. But, if you do hand mix, hold the spoon like a dagger to avoid awkward joint postures in your larger knuckles.
5. When sitting or standing while decorating the cookies, avoid awkward reaching. Keep your supplies at waist level, within easy reach. Watch your posture and avoid sitting or standing for prolonged periods. Get up and walk a bit and then get back at it.
6. Use utensils with wider handles for easier gripping.

Hope your holidays are happy and healthy!