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Soccer-BoyA concussion can be a serious problem for athletes who take part in contact sports or recreational activities. A concussion is an injury to the brain caused by striking the head on another object. It may result in loss of consciousness or confusion, but the effects usually resolve in a few days. They are also commonly known as mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

ImPACT: Immediate Post-Assessment and Cognitive Testing

ImPACT is a program Fort HealthCare has adopted providing baseline concussion screening to athletes who participate in contact sports such as football and soccer. The program manages concussions through a sophisticated test of the athlete’s cognitive abilities, including verbal and visual memory, brain processing speed, and reaction time to help health care professionals track recovery following a concussion. ImPACT standardized assessments allow for communication of post-concussion status to athletes, coaches, parents, and clinicians. It also assists health care professionals and educators in making decisions about academic needs following a concussion. The ultimate goal of ImPACT is to determine if an athlete is safe and able to return to play. Studies have shown that over 40 percent of high school athletes returned to play too soon after suffering a concussion. Even more alarming, one in six football players who sustained a concussion and lost consciousness returned to play the same day.

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