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Dear United Way Supporters:

We couldn’t be more excited to kick-off the 2017 United Way campaign, following another very successful campaign last year. On behalf of the United Way of Jefferson & North Walworth Counties, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of our donors and supporters who allowed us to experience a year of great growth and increased support to our communities, all as a result of the generous giving power during our 2016 campaign.

We asked our donors to invest in us and in the type of community they want to live in – where all children receive a quality education, where all families have access to affordable healthcare, and where all individuals can work hard to care for themselves and their families. Under that campaign message of “Investing In Impact,” we were able to allocate a record-breaking $243,944 to LOCAL organizations, programs, and projects all focused on our mission to “fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our communities.”

Besides increasing support to our local nonprofit partners, we also expanded our Ride United program, continued to support our volunteer platform, and increased our support of local pillar grant projects. We launched a new website, created a United Way video and are in the process of developing strategic plans to specifically address early childhood education, mental health & AODA treatment, and job readiness in our communities.

We are launching the 2017 campaign with a message to our communities that a donation to our United Way is truly “An Investment for All.” We fell one of the greatest benefits we offer our donors is the ability to have a wide range of impact with one donation. One investment is truly impactful for all of us by helping to create stronger, healthier communities that we all deserve to live in! When one of us is stronger, we are all stronger!

There are a number of ways to support the United Way and our campaign – pledging a financial donation, advocating on behalf of United Way and/or our partner agencies, or volunteering with either United Way or one of the 40 local organizations currently registered on At United Way, we believe the strongest communities are built by focusing on all elements of support – “Give. Advocate. Volunteer.”

We encourage you to visit our brand new United Way website ( to learn more about our organization, our partners and programs, as well as to review our annual report and other campaign marketing materials. Please also “like” our Facebook page at “united Way of Jefferson & North Walworth Counties” to stay up to date on happenings at our office and with our partners.

Our United Way is truly grateful for all the past, and continued, support we receive from our generous supporters. We will continue fighting for our communities and we hope you’ll continue to join us.

When we LIVE UNITED, we can build stronger communities, together.

With sincerest thanks,

Megan Hartwick, Executive Director
Karie Martin, Board Chair, Human Resources Director, Jones Diary Farm