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Laura Lau

Laura Lau, a medical technician in the hospital’s Lab, has been a participant in the Summer’s Bounty Fruits & Veggies Challenge in the past. She is very much looking forward to joining in it again. In fact, she won an award from the Community Health & Wellness department for reporting to eat the most fruits and vegetables during the challenge last year.

Laura states, “What really interests me about the challenge is it makes you go out into the community, like to the Farmers Market, to participate. This makes the activity really easy to incorporate into your daily life. And we have a lot of gardeners in our department, and they like to bring in fresh produce to share, so that makes it fun as well. The Lab used to be more of a junk food department…but Paul [Hable] brings in healthy snacks each week, and it has changed things a lot for us.”

She continues, “I think that since participating in the challenge last year, it has changed my thought process a bit when it comes to trying new vegetables and thinking about my food choices. I’ve even been able to try some new recipes for family mealtime.”

When asked how she feels about the focus on Employee Wellness at Fort HealthCare, Laura notes, “I think it’s a very nice part of our culture here. The challenges are something fun that the hospital does that helps groups like ours to change our health habits for the better.”

Learn more and sign-up for this year’s Summer’s Bounty challenge at