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Rockers, Bikes, Counselors and Harmonicas

The Fort Memorial Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce four winter grants to improve the health and well-being of our community.

Successful Transitions

Infants with hyper-irritability are a growing problem due to exposure to opioids and controlled substances before birth. Fort HealthCare’s OB Department estimates that 1 in 9 infants born at Fort HealthCare have some level of exposure. Employee contributions to Support Exceptional Care are being used to purchase three rocker beds to help sooth irritable infants while in our care. This new equipment will help to improve maternal infant bonding.

Blender Bike

Wellness activities can always include an element of fun. Community Wellness is receiving a grant to purchase a blender bike. You read that right! Toss some fruit or vegetables in the blender, jump on the bike and ride. Next thing you know, you have your own smoothie blended with pedal power. Employee contributions to the Foundation’s Living Healthier fund make this grant possible.

Whitewater Schools Behavioral Health Pilot Project

Where can students turn for help when stress and anxiety have a negative impact on their behavior? At Whitewater High, Fort HealthCare is running a pilot project to provide confidential counseling for students in need. The Foundation’s Women Who CARE organization has approved a grant of $15,000 and pledged an additional $30,000 for the program. Employees who are members or have donated to their fund are helping make this grant possible.

Harmonica Therapy

Did you know harmonica lessons are a best practice in pulmonary therapy? Playing the harmonica is way to help people recovering from pulmonary disease learn proper breathing techniques and control of their diaphragm. A grant from the Campbell Trust is funding harmonicas to renew the program.

Generous contributions from our employees, and the exceptional care you provide, make each of these grants possible. Thank you for supporting the Fort Memorial Hospital Foundation.