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Women Who CARE, a program of the Fort Memorial Hospital Foundation, is supporting a pilot project to provide school-based behavioral health counseling services for students. In May, our collaboration with Whitewater Unified School District (WUSD) and Fort HealthCare began providing services at Whitewater High School.

WUSD staff report that the service is already having an impact for students:

  • A student, who wouldn’t consider counseling with an outside agency, is now participating because of a trusting relationship with school staff.
  • A student who suffers frequent panic attacks has repeatedly refused counseling opportunities.  After meeting the counselor with no obligation to participate, this student decided to give it a try.  School staff report reduced anxiety and a noticeably brighter outlook from this student.
  • Another student needed hospitalization as a result of behavioral health issues. This student has returned to the community and is maintaining stability with the support of our counselor.

The counseling program continues through the summer to help students continue their progress.

Because of the generosity of members, Women Who CARE has initially granted funds to furnish the counseling office.  This fall, we will learn more about the funding needed to make this program sustainable.  This pilot project is testing the feasibility of a collaboration between the school district, Fort HealthCare and community-based philanthropy to make this service available to students in need.

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