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In support of our population health initiative, we are excited to announce a new, repurposed position within Fort HealthCare. The current position of LPN–Data Conversion Specialist has been renamed Health Outcomes Specialist. This title and position is significant as it spotlights the true purpose of our work, to improve the health and well-being of our community. This represents the beginning of our transformation from being task-based to becoming outcomes-based.  Staff currently in the role of Health Outcomes Specialists are:  Denise Lefave, Ellen Meske, and Lisa Weber.  The Health Outcomes Specialists currently spend time prepping records of incoming clinic patients, identifying care opportunities for the provider. In the future, the role will evolve into creating action for the providers such as order proposals as well as branching out into patient outreach opportunities. Thank you Denise, Ellen, and Lisa for your work thus far.