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If you or anyone on your staff receive a popup window on your computer screen that states you should call a number or contact someone regarding your PC, do NOT call, reply, chat or contact anyone other than the Cerner Help Desk at x5132 or the IS staff at Fort HealthCare! Neither the Cerner Help Desk nor the IS dept. will EVER send a popup message to your PC asking you to contact them.

In addition, if someone that you do not recognize calls you and asks to log in to your PC, that is probably a scam, unless it is someone from the IS dept. They may claim to know what seems to be legitimate information regarding your PC, but again this is probably a scam and you should hang up and not allow them to access your PC, ever!

Should you receive a popup message asking you to contact someone, there are only two things to remember and do:

1.       Turn off the PC
2.       Call x5132

Someone from my team will come out and investigate it safely.

Also, this is a timely matter and needs to be called in immediately to be effective!

Please direct any questions to Jamie Smith, Technology Systems Manager, at or (920) 568-5322.