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Sam LaMuro from the Fort HealthCare Cambridge clinic nominates her co-worker, Raegan Hromatko for her Excellence and Sensitivity. “We had a patient walk to our clinic (40 minute walk) in the cold for an appointment. After the appointment, Raegan offered to give her a ride back home so that she didn’t have to walk in the cold again. I thought this was very kind and compassionate of Raegan to help this patient out.” Thank you, Raegan!

Penny Sullivan, RN, CWON from the Fort HealthCare Hyperbarics, Wound & Edema Center has been nominated by her co-worker, Deb van Ommeren for her Empowerment, Excellence, Professionalism, Responsiveness, and Sensitivity. “Penny helped diffuse a very sensitive patient situation with her calming manner and sensitivity. The patient was new to our clinic and expected care immediately for something we normally need orders for. The patient was not understanding the information given to her and became agitated. Penny stepped in to assist and the patient matter was resolved. The patient left our clinic feeling cared for and in control.” Thank you, Penny!