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Respect Awards Aug 2016

The Cambridge Clinic staff would like to recognize Misty Croson of the Lake Mills Clinic for her Excellence, Responsiveness, and Teamwork: “The Cambridge Clinic had run out of TB to give to a patient. We had contacted the Lake Mills Clinic to see if they had any and if they could fit our patient in for the skin test. Misty offered to bring it to our clinic if the patient preferred. The patient was very thankful that Misty was willing to drive the supply to the clinic to save her the trip of driving to Lake Mills. Misty showed real teamwork and responsiveness when we needed her. Thank you!”

Kathy Kalvaitis in the Community Health and Wellness department would like to celebrate Bridget Monahan in the same department for her Excellence, Responsiveness, Sensitivity, and Teamwork: “I would like to nominate Bridget Monahan because of the kindness, care and concern she had for me. Last week I ended up in the emergency room due to several cat bites. It was a very busy day there I had my grandson because I was babysitting when this happened I met my daughter in the ER and the Sheriff had to be called because it was a cat bite, the staff in the ER checked on me often but the Sheriff was there for a while. Bridget asked if she could come in to my room she put on gloves and helped wipe off the blood, she got a pillow and blanket to help make me comfortable because I was shaking so much. I think she went above and beyond what I expected my manager to do. She was also helping keep my grandson busy while my daughter was with the Sheriff trying to find out if I needed to have Rabies shots. The staff in the ER was great but they were giving us privacy while the Sheriff was there.”

Thank you, Misty and Bridget!