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As of Monday, January 30, 2017, the phone number to make appointments with UW Specialists who come to the Fort Memorial Hospital Specialty Clinic changed. 

To make appointments for the following UW Specialists, please call 920-568-6567:

  • UW Cardiology (Drs. Stone, Tipnis, Wright and Zasadil)
  • UW Neurology (Drs. Jantzen, Luzzio, Mangin, Weiss and Zerofsky)
  • UW Neurosurgery (Dr. Trost)
  • UW Pulmonology (Dr. Runo)
  • UW Rheumatology (Dr. Walsh)
  • UW Vascular Surgery (Drs. Bennett, DiMusto, Matsumura and Schwarze)

 Appointments for Allergy will continue to be scheduled through their Madison office at 608-287-2600. 

 UW will now have dedicated UW receptionists and nursing staff on site.  UW will also have a dedicated FAX line in the clinic 920-568-6568.

 Fort HealthCare will continue to schedule for the following specialists by calling 920-568-5334:

  •  GI  (Dr. Wishau)
  •  Dean Cardiology (Dr. Lee and Singer)
  •  Meriter Cardiology (Dr. Wolff)

 As always, to schedule with the following specialists, please call their offices directly:

  •  Nephrology Associates (Drs. Elangovan and Carey):  262-524-1024
  •  Bariatric (Dr. Erickson):  920-568-5242
  •  Meriter Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery (Dr. Larson):  608-417-6175
  •  Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Dr. Fowler):  877-337-6747

Contact Barb Sorcic ( at 920-568-5051 with any questions.