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Pick a card … but not just any card: Using your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) “Benny card”

As a Top Workplace, we are pleased to offer additional information regarding our Flexible Benefit “Benny Card” which was new last May.  The “Benny” card serves as a debit MasterCard; allowing you to pay for flexible spending account (FSA) expenses at the point of services, where the funds are automatically deducted out of your FSA.

At the beginning of the plan year, if you elected to participate in the Fort HealthCare FSA plan, you determined an amount to pre-fund your debit card. You may use the card to purchase qualified medical expenses not covered by your benefit plan. You can also use the card to pay for dental expenses, however it is best to wait to pay your dental provider until your claim for the services has been fully processed by the dental administrator.

The card can be used for most qualified medical, dental and vision out-of-pocket expenses. Over-the counter supplies that are eligible under the FSA may also be reimbursed with the card, including Band-Aids, contact lens solution and insulin. Over the counter medicines require a doctor’s prescription to be eligible for reimbursements.  To use the card, you must present your prescription to your pharmacy, which must dispense the medication and classify the item as a prescription in their IIAS when ringing up the item. You can also pay for the expense out-of-pocket and submit a claim manually to UMR for reimbursement. Please be sure to include a copy of the itemized receipt with your claim submission. This method may work best if your pharmacy does not use the IIAS system.

Because you are participating in an IRS-regulated program, you are required to save your receipts, as documentation to substantiate your purchases.  Failure to respond to these requests may result in card deactivation, so it is highly recommended that you save all your receipts!

You can check balances on your debit card or through your online account access at or by calling UMR customer service at 800.826.9781. This is also the phone contact for any questions you may have.