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Healthiest community in WI? Let's do this!

powderkeg powderkeg December 19, 2012 0 Comments Family Medicine

Jefferson County and our surrounding communities can be healthier and live healthier. Our current health status, according to CountyHealthRankings.org, isn’t so good. Of the 72 counties in Wisconsin, Jefferson County ranks 33rd for overall health outcomes, 39th for morbidity (overall health, physical health, mental health and babies born with a low birth weight) and 44th for health behaviors (alcohol and tobacco use, sexual activity, diet and exercise). Walworth County has a more favorable rank of 22nd in the health behaviors category, but fares worse in two indicators: 38th for overall health outcomes and 57th for morbidity.

Our goals
Fort HealthCare’s vision is “Be the healthiest community in Wisconsin.” How do we make this a reality? As the leading healthcare provider in our region, Fort HealthCare has determined that a wide-reaching health and wellness campaign—directed to the public as well as our partners—can positively affect change. Our strategies for making significant changes in health outcomes, health behaviors and morbidity focus on health and  wellness education, awareness of critical health issues and encouraging healthful behaviors.

We believe the goal to create Wisconsin’s healthiest community is a bold, daring, challenging and incredibly important undertaking. To make this happen, we need to:

  • Educate area residents on the benefits of becoming the healthiest community in Wisconsin help each community be ready to embrace and act upon health-related messages.
  • Help area residents to see the benefits of healthy eating, health screenings and lifestyle improvements.
  • Encourage individual responsibility and accountability.

If we accomplish our goals, we’ll improve our status in the county health rankings and, ultimately, create the healthiest community in Wisconsin. Your role is quite specific. We want you to exercise regularly and follow a diet that provides you and your family with healthy, nutritious foods. Also, we’ll remind you to have regular health screenings, such as mammograms and colonoscopies, and encourage you to maintain or establish an ongoing relationship with a Fort HealthCare primary care physician.

Rather than focusing on one individual at a time, we hope to motivate all individuals to see how their health affects the overall population. Our messages will encourage everyone to work toward a shared goal. The call to action and campaign brand is: Let’s Do This! Our theme is a literal call to action. It’s positive, motivating and, hopefully, appeals to all audiences, from individuals to employers to community coalitions. You’ll see this mark
throughout all our print, outdoor and social media. And, you’ll hear this message in our radio advertisements. Are you in? Let's Do This!