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As Prescribed Blog

Lets Talk Girls! #GirlsTalk

Stephanie Gogots Stephanie Gogots June 16, 2015 0 Comments General Health

girls talk word cloudCalling ALL girls! Yes that means all women looking for insights and answers to health concerns among young women. Sometimes it is hard to navigate through what is right or wrong, trendy or traditional, healthy or sexy. Growing up is extremely hard, for both females and males equally. During that stage, you're going through puberty and hormonal changes that can affect every aspect of your life. I know when I was growing up, I was confused about my place in the world and where I fit in among my peers. I suffered from a horrible sweating condition called Hyperhidrosis and because of it felt embarrassed to play with others. With girls in particular, often times body image and beauty awareness becomes more of a priority rather than acceptance and respect. At this stage, it can be extremely hard to understand the changes occurring in your body and what is "normal."  Well I'm here to tell you that no single girl out there is "normal." Everyone has a different way of growing into a strong and beautiful woman. The journey is something to be rewarded and cherished because womanhood is a beautiful thing.

Often in today's day and age, being or acting like a girl is down played, judged, and continually criticized ...not cool. Even though women have made huge strides and our Country is growing to become more equal, it is still a prevalent matter that affects young women. Check out this Always video highlighting the effects a simple comment has on girls of all ages...

Always #LikeAGirl

Many of you had probably seen this Ad before, and if you hadn't I hope you were moved by it. Girls should not be placed into a box that tells them what they can and can't be. I think a healthy and confident girl is the most beautiful girl.

Here is another video demonstrating a 6 year old's concern of being fat, and what young minds think of when they think of a healthy body.

ABC News: 6 year old worries she is fat

Although disheartening and scary, I think these discussions need to be addressed.

I encourage anyone that has an enlightening story, wants to create awareness, or has an inspirational picture to please share it using #GirlsTalk

To learn more information about women's health,

Come to Fort HealthCare's event, "Girls Talk: Adolescence to Womanhood" on Monday, June 22nd.

Our local women's health providers will be speaking about topics pertaining to what it truly means to be healthy through the adolescent stages of life and into womanhood.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • body image
  • puberty
  • healthy habits
  • prevention
  • facts and myths about women's health
  • utilizing features to better navigate your online health records at Fort HealthCare
  • Q&A

For more information about the event, visit

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